For a long time, I wrestled with the idea of serving in the church. Ultimately, I always found a reason not to. It’s not a good time for me; I’m not a good fit for what the church is looking for – the excuses were endless.
That was nearly two years ago.
Fast forward to present day, I’m proud to say I serve in multiple areas at Greater Life Church, including the parking lot team and greeter team, in addition to writing this blog weekly, which I consider an extension of service.
I’m not saying you must serve. However, saying no due to apathy,  laziness or fear is not acceptable. The switch for me came when I realized that my service truly brings glory to God. You may be thinking, sure, that sounds nice, but you don’t know my situation – and that’s true, I don’t. However, I do know the end result of serving, and I promise you, it’s life-changing.
I began serving during the most difficult time in my life, as my wife and I were trying to start a family –  a process that was deemed all but impossible by doctors. At the time, the last thing I wanted to do was serve; however, God was calling me to do so and I finally decided to listen. As I write this blog, my now 11-month old son is napping, living proof of God’s awesomeness.
Serving the Lord brings an abundance of new experiences. Since I began serving at GLC, I’ve developed new friendships, a stronger faith and the confidence the help others – just as others have helped me. Putting your entire trust in the Most High allows for an overwhelming confidence to walk with our heads high.
When I relay my journey of serving, people often ask me how did you know it was time? The answer is simple: prayer. If you’re struggling with the idea of serving, or not sure in what capacity you can be used, I encourage you to pray to hear God’s calling and leading. He will guide you.
God wants to “do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” (Ephesians 3:20). 
We often say at GLC, that “you were created on purpose for a purpose.” Too often, we don’t step out, thinking God couldn’t possibly use us. When in reality, we have the birthright of kingship! Many people live and die having never stepped into their God-given destiny.  Don’t fall into this category.  One of the greatest things you can do as a human being is serve others. God has written this vision on our hearts. What is God calling you to do?