Today, the Greater Life Church blog officially turns one year old!  It all started with a casual meeting between Pastor Keith and myself, with the possibility of a church blog not even on the radar.

But it was always on God’s itinerary.

As the evening progressed, I shared with Pastor Keith the desire to take my passion for writing and somehow maybe help others in the process. Shortly after, the blog was born.

The written word has always had a special meaning in my life, both personally and professionally. I’ve written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines and online publications. But I can proudly say that my most meaningful written work now resides in this blog. Helping to spread the Word of God brings me  genuine pleasure and joy.

Regular readers of the blog are familiar with my struggles with fear over the years. During that time in my life, reading other people’s experiences, and learning more about the Word played a prominent role in conquering my fears. Now, I’m proud to say that this blog has impacted people. We’ve had positive comments expressed on social media, people have personally thanked me, Pastor Keith has shared positive feedback he’s received – results are happening!

GLC exists to reveal the love of God to all people. It brings me tremendous happiness to know that the blog is playing a role in achieving this. I always wanted to blog but never had the confidence to do so. I resisted God’s call to step out because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I now know that God had already laid the groundwork. I write now fearlessly, knowing that my only job is to trust Him.

From Pastor Keith giving me the opportunity to follow my passion – to Pastor Nick creating a blog page on the website – and everyone who has read, shared and supported the blog over the past year, thank you.

And most of all, thank you Father for this blessing and for never giving up on me.