Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the term “social distancing” was foreign to me. Now, as someone who works in a hospital, I use it daily.

Over the past weeks and months, things we took for granted have been turned upside down. What was once normal is now extraordinary. And while the coronavirus continues its wicked spread throughout the world, one thing remains constant – God is the source of our existence and is always with us.

I’m not saying disregard current guidelines, and start high-fiving people. Social distancing has proven to be effective and should be practiced. However, although we must physically distance ourselves from others to combat the virus spreading, we must not separate ourselves from God.  Hope has been a common used word throughout the pandemic. People need and want hope, but too often look for it in a world that cannot give it, resulting in a feeling of hopelessness instead. Yet, hope is present daily – it resides through a loving God who rules over all.

As the father of a toddler, helping my son up  after he falls is an everyday occurrence. I’m quick to make sure he’s okay and wipe away his tears when he cries.  God does the same thing for his children. He knows when we stumble and fall. And while these may be difficult times, God is not socially distant from us even when we are socially distant from one another. He still desires our hearts.

While we may feel somewhat alone during this time, nothing can separate us from the love of God. Even when we feel distant from Him, we are not. No virus can separate us as the body of Christ from one another.  As children of God, we will always be united.