Our Mission

Teaching today’s High School students God’s Word and how it applies to their current stage of life.

We encourage open and honest discussion. This facilitates an environment that welcomes any and all student questions regarding scripture.


When does High School Ministry meet?

High School Ministry is offered during regular Sunday service times. Students will join the adults for worship in the main sanctuary and will then be dismissed to meet in the Cafe

Do students need to check-in?

No. Students will simply join their peers when dismissed after worship on Sundays and will meet in the Cafe.

What is the High School service like?

A message will be taught with a “roundtable-like” discussion. Students will not  be singled-out at any time and messages will be fitting to both lifelong Christians and newcomers. Light snacks and refreshments will be available for free to the students during the service.

Do students need a Bible?

Students are strongly encouraged to have a Bible. Bible apps on mobile devices are welcome. In fact, Pastor Nick will usually be teaching from a mobile device, too! We can provide a Bible to students as well.