For this Reason (Communion)

For many people communion is just a religious tradition.  Too often the real meaning is missed. God has ordained communion as a key channel of health and wholeness. When Jesus died on the cross, He took your sins and sickness so you could be healed and forgiven....

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Discover Your Value

In today’s fallen world, people often base their value on their job title, how much money they have, who they know – the list is endless. By allowing worldly things to determine your value, you’ll never truly understand your sense of worth, which will ultimately...

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Make time with God a priority

When Pastor Keith began his message this week, he informed the church of how God spoke to him to preach on Psalm 91, despite the message he already had planned out. I’m taking a similar approach with this week’s column. I started writing on Psalm 91 as a whole;...

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