Waiting on God’s Perfect Timing

We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and available 24/7. A world where quickness over quality has become the norm. The age of smartphones and social media allows for instant connection. People want – and expect instant results. What if we treat...

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Giving Your Life to Jesus

The most important part of every service at Greater Life Church (GLC) resides at the end. In each service, everyone has the opportunity to give their lives to Christ before they leave. This past week alone, five people accepted the Lord as their savior. What an...

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The Joy of Fatherhood

Every night before bed, my wife and I read to our son. One of his favorite books, is “Thank You God for Daddy,” by Amy Parker. The book revolves around a little lion cub  who thanks God for his wonderful daddy—a daddy who gives  hugs and piggy back rides, scares...

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