Don’t let grief destroy you

As a child, I would go to my grandmother’s home several times a week for breakfast before I left for school. Those are some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood. As I got older, I would go over there every Saturday to spend time with her. We talked,...

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Letting Go Of Past Sins

Do you ever find yourself thinking about past sins? One of Satan’s favorite deceptions is reminding us of past sins, hoping to convince us that our sins are too great to be forgotten. A master manipulator, Satan will try to mask the ultimate truth in an effort to make...

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God doesn’t social distance

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the term “social distancing” was foreign to me. Now, as someone who works in a hospital, I use it daily. Over the past weeks and months, things we took for granted have been turned upside down. What was once normal is now...

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