Calling out to God

It was 3 a.m. when my son began to continually cry, louder and louder. This particular night marked one week straight of this occurrence, after months of sound, peaceful sleep.  Tired and grumpy, I headed to his room. But on this night, something different occurred...

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Jesus’ birth: a reminder of our salvation

Every year our family drives around and takes in the many Christmas light displays throughout the area. We turn on the radio, crank up the Christmas songs and enjoy. My son particularly likes the Frosty and Rudolph displays. Cars are wrapped around the streets, in...

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How do you treat a nonbeliever?

Recently, I was reflecting on two important relationships in my life. One, a family member, the other a lifelong friend. The two have never met one another, but they have one glaring commonality- both are atheists. Over the years I have tried to inform them of Jesus’...

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