Competition in the Kingdom

After a long wait, the Olympic Games  - the world's foremost sports competition has officially arrived. As this season kicks off, it got me thinking about the Kingdom of God. I’m sure you're wondering how the two relate? The relationship for me stems from the concept...

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Walking in forgiveness

When we’ve been hurt or betrayed, it’s natural to feel angry. It took me years to forgive my childhood friend who wronged me.  But unresolved anger is extremely dangerous, as it can deter your relationship with the Father.   The only real way to find healing is...

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Serving God Willingly

As the father of two, I often feel as if I’m continually checking off items on my to-do list.  While that list has changed over the years, one constant has always been going to church/worshiping God.  But how I actually achieved checking it off my list has changed...

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