Raised to Life

At Greater Life Church, we are here to present the Gospel and allow people to respond. This past Sunday, we witnessed life-changing response. Ten people raised their hands for Jesus while 12 were water baptized, two of which were spontaneous.  It was an incredible day...

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Give no place to the devil

As the divine son of God, Jesus was sent into the world to deliver us from sin and death. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, Satan tried whatever he could, hoping to turn Jesus away from God’s work. Satan, while evil, is not stupid. He knew Jesus was sent to deliver...

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Are you trusting God in your life?

The sudden death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant this past week has touched millions of people across the nation. As the details emerged that Bryant, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven other people had perished in a helicopter crash, one immediate thought...

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