Spiritual Warfare

This week at GLC, we started a new series, “Spiritual Warfare”. If you missed it, check out the video on the GLC Facebook page As believers, we are engaged in daily conflict – that conflict is defined as spiritual warfare. When it comes to our spiritual life, however,...

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Step out and trust God

Have you ever felt that God can’t use you? I felt this way many times throughout my Christian walk. Strength and confidence were nonexistent. I was content with just fading in the background – after all, that’s just how God made me. At least that’s what I thought....

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Feeding Your Spiritual Appetite

I recall the day vividly. It was a Sunday morning before church when I learned I was going to be a father. That same day, Pastor Keith approached my wife and I, and said, “The Lord is telling me your faith has made your family complete.” I’ll never forget it.  I tell...

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