Write the Vision Part 4: Taking Hold of God’s Truth

Satan loves to make us feel unqualified. Just as there is no limit to God’s awesomeness, there’s no limit to Satan’s treachery.  His strategy is clear – influence us through deceptions and lies. When it comes to the enemy, Jesus’ message is clear, as evidenced in John...

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Write the Vision Part 3: God has a plan for you

God’s greatest aspiration is for you to have a personal relationship with Him though Jesus. The moment you made the decision to receive God’s forgiveness, you were ready to fulfill His plan for your life. You have a purpose – and that purpose comes from the primary...

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Write the Vision Part 2: Finding Your Purpose

When my wife and I first stepped foot in Greater Life Church over two years ago, we were in the midst of not having a church home. For months, we had bounced around from church to church, searching for a purpose. Nothing felt right. We wanted more than just attending...

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